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Do we define our boundaries as individuals? Are we shaped by the borders we are born into?

As a person who was born and raised in Russia, I feel that it intrinsically sculpted my identity through my native language, cultural sensibilities, cultural memory, and philosophical perception of the world at large. This border-based belonging is at the very core of my being that travels with me regardless of what physical borders I cross in my life’s journey.

As an artist, however, I question the boundaries socially or culturally imposed on me as a label to go by. In my art, I defy the boundaries of perception, beauty, knowledge, and understanding. Through the visual and conceptual rendering of thought, I aim to reach beyond the borders that separate us and connect to the human experience on a universal level.

And so it goes.  Defined by the borders I was born into to only redefine the boundaries beyond cultural and personal limitations in my artistic expression. Rooted yet ever expanding, subjective yet universally aware.

What are the borders and boundaries that you live by?

“Fragmentation, or Breaking Through.” Acrylics and mixed media collage on canvas. 24×18

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